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Social Events

March 24, 2018. The 2018 Launching Your Career Symposium: University of Arizona’s symposium supporting women in STEM across all career stages, Tucson

Viktoriia Babicheva
Group photo of participants
Viktoriia Babicheva
Panel moderator
Viktoriia Babicheva
Panel discussion

November 18, 2016. STEM Conference at Georgia State University, Atlanta

Dr. Dixon encouraging to take students from “Orphan train” to research labs
Viktoriia Babicheva
Panel discussion “Career path, the challenges that have been faced on a way, and related success stories”

GSU Women in Physics organization: 2016 – 2017 Activity

Olesya Sarajlic, President
Viktoriia Babicheva, Vice President
Symone Johnson, Secretary
Beena Meena, Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator
Carola Butler, Advisor
Megan Connors, Co-Advisor

October 14, 2016. GSU Women in Physics organization visits David J. Sencer CDC Museum, Atlanta

Viktoriia Babicheva

September 17, 2016. GSU Women in Physics organization – General Meeting, Atlanta